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pivot browsing

Some people say, any data should be in reach with 2 or max 3 clicks. The concept of pivot browsing intends something completely different. Strolling along from point to point, offering constantly new views and routes to continue. Pivot browsing is not goal driven. The user becomes a flaneur. Or a stalker, occasionally.

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myUglySpace vs Karl Rosenkranz

Feel free to be ugly! Be ugly to feel free! The disucssion about the advantages ofugliness at site like myspace has been going for a while. We take a deep look into the Rosenkranz’s Esthetics of the Ugly for some theoretical background.

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skype, twitter and the unused phone

both skype and twitter build up their network effect on top of unused functionality in telephony. twitter largely got popular in the US by taking advantage of SMS and texting, and their lack of popularity. skype again becomes a very popular instant messenger because people use it for text chat instead of making the classic skype call. both use the omnipresence of the technology of telephony as a background and take advantage through functional regression.

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news - data, information or vector?

is about a, at a time b, at location c, comes from source d, relates to other information e1, is read by f. a+(b+)>d/e->f.
And what about information? An amount of bits according to Claude Shannon. A difference that makes a difference, says Gregory Bateson.

In short: how would we want our favourite news site to look like? (not like a newspaper put on screen, for sure)


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They are born & here already. There will come more. The species appears as a result of personalized data mining, no privacy and real-time tracking. Some might be true (whatever that is), some might be fake. They will use sites like jaiku, plazes and twitter. And they will complain about paparazzis, but just to create more news. And we will find hords of fans following their digital traces.

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a short history of connections

Sometimes history can help to find perspectives. A history of the web could be written as a history of overloading and overriding connections. First there were 3 computers linked. This net was overridden with letters and words. Much later html replaced text with adresses. Now social networks override links with persons, actions, places.


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light emitting diodes have become the new light bulbes. the history of diodes from AM radio demodulation to logic gates shows that after a certain threshold a technology which has long been known can become ubiquitous and disruptive making all kinds of uses possible.


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monopolize functions

Many of the recent webservices can be described with a single phrase. They do something. The more specific, the better. The ultimate goal seems to monopolize a specific function.

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programme is over. what comes next?

The fixed time structure of broadcast media may soon look like a nostalgic reference to the 20th century. But even with data flowing freely any time we will necounter parallel events, sequential orders and other specific forms of time.

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multiple ranking

Sorting is a very basic operation. Sometimes websites look as if they run a competition among different ways of sorting. Take a look at Youtube: most recent, top rated, most discussed, most linked, most responded … The dimensions of the activity, time and link density compete with each other.

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europe´s google

google follows a technology driven approach of massive deployment, engineering skills and algorithms and an american culture of an abundance of resources. more

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user centric flow focuses on the emotional experience of interaction. the architecture of flow is based on protocols, formats and feeds. on the data level a time based approach and not storage based aspect of data objects.

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net based academy

how to use the synergy of the ongoing Bologna-process and the long awaited digital turn in teaching and research. more

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